About Us

Born in 1963 in Hadath Lebanon, Samir Sabbagh had an unusual flair, a gift, a talent engraved deep inside his spirit to design unusual creations for women; Samir Sabbagh the Lebanese fashion designer is set apart for his keen consciousness of knowing what women desire to be dressed in, to make them sense truly superior about themselves.

Since 1979 Samir Sabbagh has charmed customers with its haute couture evening and bridal gowns. His elite designs together with his superb handicraft have harvested a privileged range of clientele.

Joining the art with the science, Samir Sabbagh believes in the philosophy that "dressmaking is the architecture of movement".
Standing by his own, with nobody's alliance behind the curtains, Samir Sabbagh is considered as the originator and pioneer of innovative haute couture fashion look in Lebanon and the Arab region.

Having the passion for fashion on his mind, soul, and heart, Samir Sabbagh launched his first show in France in 1983, hence, Samir Sabbagh did not stop there as his creations had no limits, His dresses took an adornment to another level, he punched the headlines, and acquired his first award in 1992 in France " Louvres prize for the best outfit".

Samir Sabbagh continued to pursue his path passionately in the fashion world, and His craze for knowledge continued to grow resulting in several fashion shows worldwide especially in France, Turkey, Italy, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, UAE, and Lebanon along with tens of awards.
Samir Sabbagh's unique service is a lavish opportunity where every lady will have that extraordinary dress fashioned with love and made just for her.

Our client can be certain nobody else will turn up in what she is wearing. Feel free to visit our atelier in Mansourieh where you will be served as a queen in a very friendly atmosphere.